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At Silver Wings Travel Ltd we provide you all types of travel related services. We have strong collaborations with hotels and travel service providers across the world. Moreover, we provide the individual services such as hotel booking, airport transfers and excursions to the destination you are heading to! This is possible due to the booking system that we represent in Mauritius which provides faster confirmations to your required services.

We are prompt in our replies to your queries, and this has earned us a reputation as one of the best and most efficient tour and travel agencies in Mauritius by both our clients and our overseas partners. Now you can have a comfortable and hassle free Holiday where in you leave all the worries to us. We take care of all the needs of our travelers.

Contact us on the following for more information and let us assist you:

Phone: 210 01 60

Fax: 210 01 65

Email: [email protected]

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